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Personal Injury Attorneys

Welcome to The Bradley Law Firm’s personal injury website. When you are faced with a personal injury, you need a lawyer with the necessary resources, talent and work ethic to win your case. Here are the types of personal injury cases E. Ryan Bradley handles:

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The Bradley Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in Illinois personal injury lawsuit settlements and personal injury lawsuit verdicts. An independent lawyer rating company Martindale-Hubbell has given the firm the highest possible rating, “AV.” The “A” means our firm has exhibited the highest level of legal ability. The “V” means our firm has maintained the highest level of professional conduct, ethics, reliability and diligence.

Here are the promises The Bradley Law Firm makes to every one of our personal injury clients:

  • We will never send you a bill
  • We only take a fee if you recover money for your injuries
  • We will give you our personal cell phone number
  • You can meet with us as many times as you want for free
  • You can look at your complete file any time you want
  • You are guaranteed a team of professionals who care about you
  • You are guaranteed prompt and courteous service

If you have a serious personal injury, have a family member or friend with a serious personal injury, you need a serious law firm to fight for you. Please contact us anytime to discuss your case. To submit your case for a free evaluation via the internet, please fill out the form contained on this website. You will promptly receive a reply to your inquiry.