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Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit in IL Moves Forward

A birth injury lawsuit alleging negligence on the part of Illinois medical care providers is moving forward with pretrial procedures, according an Injury Lawyer News report. The lawsuit, originally filed in September in the Circuit Court of Cook County, stems from a case where a woman was unaware until several months after she gave birth that she had been determined as high risk due to an incompetent cervix. The plaintiff alleges that her prenatal care providers and her obstetrician failed to diagnose her condition and take the necessary steps to manage her high risk pregnancy in order to prevent birth injury.

The female plaintiff filing the lawsuit was concerned about possible birth injuries and other complications during her pregnancy with her son as she had previously experienced preterm labor with two other pregnancies. After reporting her concerns, it was determined that she was in preterm labor; subsequently, her son was delivered by cesarean section and later diagnosed with a bacterial infection. Several days after the boy’s birth, it was discovered that the newborn also suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

In addition to the lawsuit’s claim of negligence on part of the woman’s medical providers, it is also alleged that the young boy’s cerebral palsy was caused by the undiagnosed and untreated bacterial infection and ensuing brain injury. The plaintiff is seeking damages to compensate for her son’s injuries and continuing medical care and treatment.

The birthing process is extremely delicate, and any mistakes made by the medical professionals responsible for the care of both mother and child during birth can have serious and potentially permanent repercussions for the newborn. At the Bradley Law Firm, our Chicago birth injury lawyers understand how devastating a birth injury can be for a family and the significant impact it can have on the life of the child and parents. If you feel your child suffered a birth injury due to the negligence of medical professionals, call (312) 252-1488 to discuss your case with us at no cost.