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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is my personal injury case worth?

Determining the value of a personal injury case is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes. Our personal injury attorneys dedicate a substantial amount of time when conducting a proper evaluation of each case to make sure that its complete value is accurately established. Every personal injury case’s value is different and must be examined in detail on a separate basis. While E. Ryan Bradley has been evaluating personal injury cases and representing injury victims for decades, no attorney can ever guarantee recovery. You must rely on the merits of your case, the extensive experience of your lawyer, and other pertinent matters.

2. Who is responsible for paying off the expenses associated with a personal injury case?

Our clients will never be expected to pay a cent for any expenses related to their case. We advance all expenses in the case and only recover those costs if a verdict or settlement is achieved on your behalf.

3. Is it possible to pay my medical bills before obtaining a personal injury verdict or settlement?

Injuries caused by accidents happen suddenly, leaving those involved unprepared to pay for steep hospital bills and medical care. While obtaining financial assistance to pay medical bills from your insurance company can be a complex matter, you may be entitled to recover from your own insurance company. Auto and homeowner’s insurance may help to pay for some expenses associated with a serious injury from an accident. All drivers in the state of Illinois are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance in order for their vehicle to be registered.

4. Can I hire your personal injury firm even if I don’t live in Illinois?
E. Ryan Bradley is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. However, it is possible for our firm to represent your case if you live in a state other than Illinois. We can take your case and work with local counsel by being admitted to that court for the reason of providing legal representation for that specific case.

5. Who will be handling my case?
A legal team comprised of attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and private investigators apply their many years of experience and acquired legal knowledge into every personal injury case. When specific circumstances require it, we also hire doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, life care planners, and psychologists to assist us in developing a strong case on your behalf by providing appropriate and effective representation of evidence. We may also employ other specialists depending on the case.

6. How much time should I expect to pass before my case is taken to the courtroom?
No two cases are the same. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your personal injury accident, a case may take at least one year, or even up to three, before it gets to a jury. Some cases only take eighteen months. Usually, the more intricate your case, the more time it will take for preparations for trial to be made to provide you with a successful outcome. State court dockets typically operate more speedily than federal dockets. Rural venues generally complete cases in a timelier manner than the metropolitan courts. For all it’s worth, effective personal injury litigation can help you get your life back on track.

7. How much will I be expected to pay in order to have E. Ryan Bradley represent me in my personal injury case?
There are no out-of-pocket expenses in hiring E. Ryan Bradley for your Illinois personal injury case. Our attorneys represent individuals injured by another person’s negligence on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means that our legal team does not receive any attorney fees until we obtain compensation for you.

E. Ryan Bradley understands that you and your family must have several questions, and he is here to answer them. Please call 312.252.1488 to learn more about the legal matters surrounding your specific situation.