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Insurance Company Dispute Lawyers

If your valid insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, please do not hesitate to call the most experienced insurance company dispute lawyers.

Insurance companies are highly profitable corporations, which frequently deny valid insurance claims that could hurt their bottom line. E. Ryan Bradley understands how these companies operate and what actions you may have to take to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Claims Are Denied

Insurance companies may deny a claim for many different reasons. These corporations often choose to interpret their policies and promises in ways that suit their needs and not their clients’ needs. Many insurance companies make it their goal to deny payments or at the very least minimize the amount of money they pay out. It will be important to carefully review your policy and to understand the terms and conditions that may limit your ability to receive a payment. If you have a valid claim that is denied, a insurance dispute lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Types of Insurance Claims That Are Denied

There are many types of insurance policies. If you have homeowners insurance and your property is damaged, you may be able to file a claim. If you have car insurance and you are involved in an auto accident, you may be eligible for compensation for property damage and for any injury you have sustained. If you have a medical billing insurance dispute or a life insurance dispute, a skilled attorney may be of assistance to you. Even if you are uncertain about your claim, it is worth your time to discuss your case with a professional.

Dealing with an Insurance Company

It may be in your best interest to consult with an insurance company dispute attorney before discussing your claim with your insurance company. Insurance providers will record your conversation and take detailed notes on your answers. If you make a mistake or say something that jeopardizes your claim, you may be denied a settlement or the value of your claim may be greatly reduced. You should cooperate with your insurance company, but you should also be guarded and careful. It is always best to discuss your case with an attorney before speaking with or sending information to an insurance company.

If your insurance company is playing hardball with you, you can fight right back with the assistance of an experienced insurance dispute attorney. For decades, personal injury attorney E. Ryan Bradley has been helping accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. Please call 773-917-5529 to get more information about what you need to do to deal with your insurance dispute.